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January 12, 2011

Diversity of domesticated plants

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Plant Genetic Resources: General

Perspective – R.S. Paroda and R.K.




The importance of plant genetic resources as basic materials for crop improvement has been highlighted. The circumstances leading to settled agriculture, and the dynamics of plant domestication resulting into changes in plants from wild to cultivated forms has been discussed. A broad picture has been presented on the centres of origin/diversity in crop-plants and recent views on this topic are expressed. The spectrum of genetic diversity covering different categories of genetic resources is indicated. The importance of crop plant diversity for increased food production is stressed, both in terms of its collection and conservation. The concern on genetic uniformity and genetic vulnerability vis-a-vis genetic erosion has been emphasized. Finally, the subject of genetic conservation has been introduced, both for in-situ and ex-situ systems.

Change from nomadic life to settled agriculture
Dynamics of plant domestication
Regions of crop plant diversity
Spectrum of genetic resources
Value of crop plant diversity
Threat to genetic diversity
Conservation of genetic diversity
Appendix I. World centres of diversity of cultivated plants (Hawkes, 1983)
Appendix II. Cultivated plants and their regions of diversity (refer Fig. 3)